The name SCHUTZ embodies, innovatively and qualitatively, superior products in the area of plastic and metal manufacturing. The founder of SCHUTZ, Mr Udo Sch¨štz, was the first to come up with the revolutionary idea of an economical transport container that would hold as much as 5 steel drums, yet only require the area of 4 drums. 

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ECOBULK containers offer unbeatable economical and ecological advantages over other forms of packaging.
Maximum safety for liquid dangerous goods for all modes of transport
Maximum economy through large packaging units: from 640 to 1250 litres
Space saving ISO container suitable dimensions for optimum shipping space
Easy to stack for transportation and storage, static load is up to 4 high when full
Tailor-made composition of the components to fit the logistical requirements of our customers
Fast filling as well as easy discharge of the filling products at user site
FDA approval for food related applications
Free of charge return system for the collection of empty ECOBULKS
Multi-trip usage due to modular system for easy replacement of the components
Reutilization of the components and recycling of raw materials
Global network for reconditioning and recycling of used ECOBULKS 
Remember! A single 1,000 litre ECOBULK holds as much as 5 steel drums, yet only requires the area of 4 drums - a 20% saving on space.

M-COM Asia is the agent for Schutz IBCs in Singapore. 
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